Step into enchanting

virtual realms.

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    Immersive Relaxation

    Escape the stress of the real world and engage yourself in peaceful, stress-reducing environments with our immersive augmented reality experiences.

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    Anywhere, Anytime

    Access Visutate anytime and anywhere, at home, in the office, or outside. Easily include relaxation into your daily routine.

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    Easy Access

    No need for AR glasses. Visutate makes stress relief and immersive experiences accessible to everyone.

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    Soothing Soundscapes

    Explore immersive soundscapes for inner peace. Ocean waves, forest birds, and soothing music promote well-being.

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    Audio Sessions

    Explore yourself with audios to reduce stress and anxiety. Focus your mind, increase awareness, and try out these calming audio meditations.

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    Breath Buddy

    You can reduce stress and relax by practicing breathing exercises together with a specially created breathing buddy.

Compatible with AR headsets.

What sets Visutate apart is its versatility – it's a device-agnostic immersive content App, compatible with a range of AR glasses, including Nreal Air, Nreal pro and Apple Vision Pro. Whether you're using AR glasses or not, Visutate allows you to experience a deeper level of relaxation and mindfulness.

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Vision Pro

Use Cases

Visutate can improve your thinking skills by changing the way your brain works when you practice with it. The more you use it, the better your brain gets. Other use cases of the app:

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Stress Relief

Reduce stress in just 4 minutes (1). Research has shown that visualized meditations significantly reduce stress levels compared to audio meditations (2).

Daily Inspiration

We provide mindfulness exercises, personalized tips to help you stay calm and focused to keep you motivated and inspired on your stress reduction journey.

sleep assistant
Improve Focus

Visutate experiences are designed to teach and expand your focus, helping with visualization, attentiveness, goal-setting, and life activities.

Sleep Aid

Enjoy a more restful night's sleep and wake up refreshed each morning, thanks to specially crafted musics featuring frequencies that optimize your sleep quality.

Enjoy and Share

Engage with digital assets, add your touch, and savor unique experiences. Capture photos or videos to share with loved ones on social media.

improve your creativity
Boost Creativity

Explore imaginative scenes like fish flying above the clouds or diving with birds deep in the sea, reshaping your perspective.

Experience mindfulness with your eyes open!

Creating your dream life always requires using various mental skills masterfully. Visutate opens a new window into your alternate reality.


You can observe the beauties around you 360 degrees by moving your camera around in your environment.


You can walk, approach, and even touch digital objects in your environment.


You can listen to meditations, affirmations and music in any environment you want.

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